Our story:

The story of The Enchanted Toadstool is similar to many others in the world of homemade goods but here we go.

As a mother of three children living in small town I have always looked for natural products and solutions for my family. However, it took many years for me to get past the stigma of the "hippy" or "witchy" way of life.  As my children have grown society itself has started to evolve towards more natural products without all the chemicals compounds. 

Our story begins with a company in Southern Idaho that uses Tea Tree oil in almost everyone of its products. I never sold anything but did use the products for a long while. 

During this time my little 3 year old daughter cut her foot badly while at her grandparents house and by the time I got to her many hours had past and the cut had already started to seal. Should have gone and gotten stitches but she was not having any of that and it took a few hours to get her to let me look at at it.  That being said we treated her injury at home with tea tree oil and antibiotic ointment with steri-stitches and lots of pretty band-aids.  It took about 2 weeks and the wound healed and is a very small scar.

And thus my love for essential oils began.  I studied, read books and watched videos and came across many sites full of information.  In my research I kept coming across links to soaps, lotions and other body care products and my curiosity was peeked.  The 1st products I made were lotions bars, a healing salve (comfrey and calendula infused oils) and a muscle balm.  From there I decided I wanted to try making soap and my world has never been the same.  I enjoy the scientific process of making the oils turn to soap and love to see the result. But my favorite part is allowing others to enjoy a product made from natural ingredients. 

I have given away a lot of my product to family and friends and they are why I am here now. I needed a place for them and others they tell about my products to order from. With the support that they have all given me I look forward to converting some more people to using at least a natural soap.  

I hope you soon become a member of The Enchanted Toadstool family 
Thank you
Cari M