Upon receiving several questions about the same thing I thought it best to follow the practice of educating my customers.

  • Question: Why do you use Lye in your soaps?

Answer:You must use Lye to create a chemical reaction called Saponification with oils in order to make soap.  If no lye is used the soap product is actually a DETERGENT and not an actual soap.   I choose to label my products appropriately with the ingredient of lye listed.  After Saponification occurs no lye actually remains in the soap.   Many soap makers out there choose to label there products in such a way the the consumer isnt aware of the lye.  EX. Saponified sustainable palm, olive oil and coconut oil.  or they may choose to use Sodium olivate, Sodium palmate and Sodium cocoate (INCI terms)    

  • Question: Why does your packaging have holes?

Answer: When shrinking the film around the bars some spots will get "blow outs" these are not planned but work as an advantage. The soap can "breath" which allows for the soap to still cure (evaporation of excess water). Also you can smell the soap through this area. The film is to keep dust off and allow the bar to be handled without being touched directly.

Update: we try to no longer use the plastic shrink wrap on the soaps unless requested.